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Getting a Flat Tyre 

 A flat tyre is most commonly caused by: 

  • a puncture (due to a sharp object)
  • tyre failure 
  • damage to the valve system 
  • excessive wear and tear 
  • separation of tyre and rim (due to impact) 
  • a blowout (due to the tyres being over or under inflated)

The telltale signs that you have a flat tyre is a sluggish feeling on acceleration and your car does not pick up speed easily. Or when you feed that the steering wheel more towards to left or right side when you are travel on a straight road.  There may also be a sound, commonly a metallic “click” or a hollow rumble as the rubber of the tyre rubs against the rim. If the tyre that is flat is on the front of your vehicle, your car will likely pull to the side of the flat tyre. 

In such cases, try to stop your car as soon as safely possible. Driving on a flat tyre will damage your tyre and you will have to replace it if you do not catch it fast enough and fix it in time. In some cases, where the petrol kiosk is near you, it does make sense to drive and fill up the tyre pressure as soon as possible before driving directly to the nearest workshop. A delay will cost you more to fix the flat tyre.


Can My Flat Tyre Be Repaired?

Most punctured tyres can often be repaired. If it is commonly caused by a nail or a screw that’s lodged in your tyre, it is easy to remove and patch the rubber. However, if there is a puncture or tear on the sidewalls (where it faces the road) the safety of the tyre is compromised and should be replaced. 

Driving on a completely flat tyre for even a short distance can ruin the tyre and cause damage to the rim and other parts of the car. Needless to say, this is more expensive than a flat tyre replacement. 

In such cases, ensure that it is safe before changing tyre.  Take out the jack to raise the vehicle.  Remove hubcap. Unscrew the nuts using wrench before fitting in the spare tyre.  As the nuts are usually installed in the workshop using a torque wrench, remember use your body weight and full length the wrench to tighten them when you are replacing the tyre on your own. After replacing, do remember to check the air pressure with a gauge before driving your vehicle. 

Tyre Replacement

Different tyres possess tread construction that varies in size, shape, and materials (the rubber compounds they are made of). Tyre manufacturers offer multiple tyre options to cater to different vehicle types and your driving needs. Brands like Bridgestone, for example, improve the reinforce wire mesh density and technology used in the tyre. So ask yourself: what are the your selection criteria for tyres?

  • Here are some things that you should take into consideration: 
  • The manufacturing date – it should not be more than three years ago as the rubber tends to be harden even without use.
  • The tyre cutting design (aka tread pattern) – whether it is dry weather, wet weather or hybrid type.
  • The size: Read the information on the tyre e.g. 205/65 R15 usually the car manufacturer allows for the ‘Plus One/Plus Two’ allowance for the right wheel/tyre size. 
  • Whether it has driveguard technology to allow drivers to travel up to 50 km at a maximum speed of 50 km/h after a puncture even with low pressure or complete pressure loss.

How We Can Help

The best solution is to have a trained technician repair your flat tyre at a workshop where equipment is available. 

If you don’t have a spare tyre and tools or are unable to safely get to a workshop in time, you can and should call for a tow or roadside assistance. Our service technicians are able to tow your car to get the flat fixed, or seal the leak temporarily and refill the air on your tyres to give you a few extra kilometres for you to quickly get to the workshop for the patching or replacement service.

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