Emergency Jump start Singapore

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Emergency Jump start Singapore

When your car has difficulty starting it is usually an issue with the battery. Thankfully, these situations are not a disaster or an emergency. The battery could just be discharged, depleted, or just worn with age. It can be inconvenient, but batteries are wear and tear items that need to be regularly replaced.

What should  you do if your car battery dies?

While we do provide emergency car battery replacement services and can provide assistance with electrical issues, there is also the possibility that you simply need a jump start to get you moving again. This is usually done using a rechargeable power pack (Battery Jump Start Method) or a jump start cable kit (Car Jump Start Method). These can be bought from convenience stores such as cheers, in the retail sections in petrol stations. These can also be found in the auto section at hypermarkets, such as Giant, in major shopping complexes.

What is a jump start?

The battery provides power to the ignition for your car’s engine to start. When a car battery’s accumulator is fully discharged, there is no electrical power for ignition. In such cases, drivers can “borrow” power from another external source. An example of this is from battery of another vehicle of similar size or from portable jumper starters (power bank) to spark the ignition. Once the engine starts running again, its normal charging system will recharge the battery and the auxiliary source can be removed.

How do you perform jump starting (from another vehicle)? Read the guide below:

Safety tip: Do not attempt to jumpstart your vehicle in wet weather conditions and avoid jump starts on a busy public road.

  1. Select a jump starter cable with the correct rating.
  2. Confirm the voltage of the dead cell. (12 Volts or 24 Volts or other voltage) 
    • Tip: Don’t use a motorcycle to jumpstart a car nor should you use a heavy vehicle to jumpstart your car.
    • Tip: Do not use different volt batteries as it can cause damages.
  3.  Make sure both the engines are stopped and the ignition on both vehicles are off before you begin.
  4. First, connect the red cable to the positive node of the stalled battery.
  5. Use the alligator clips to connect the other end of the red cable to the positive terminal to the good battery .
    • Safety Tip: Ensure the alligator clip is connected tightly.
  6. Next, connect the black cable to the negative node of the stalled battery.
  7. Use alligator clips to connect the other end of the black cable to the negative terminal to the good battery. 
  8. Check the connection: Red-to-Red (Positive to Positive) / Black-to-Black (Negative to Negative)
  9. Start the engine (of the car that is doing the jumping) for a few minutes before starting the dead car.
  10. Once your car is started. Do not stop your engine.
  11. Disconnect the cables in the reverse order. 
    • Tips:  Allow your engine to run so that the charging system can charge up your battery.
  12. Once the car starts, to fix the problem permanently, you can drive to buy a new battery for your car.
    • Safety Tip: In wet weather conditions, the best option is to tow the car to the workshop and replace the battery inside the garage.

Can you jumpstart without cables? (Push Start)

You can if the car has a manual transmission. To do this you will need the help of another person or have your car parked on a slope:

  1. Ensure that there is a clear space in front of your car.
  2. Ensure that the vehicle is in 2nd gear and the clutch pedal is fully pressed down.
  3. Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the “on” position.
  4. Release the brakes.
  5. Get someone to push the car, or if on a slope let it roll forward. Wait until it is rolling forward at a about a walking pace.
  6. Quickly release the clutch pedal to start the engine.
  7. Immediately press the clutch pedal down again to preven the engine from stalling.
  8. Stop the car safely but do not turn off your engine

When your car is started, stalling or turning off your engine will most likely require another push start unless your battery is sufficiently charged. 

If after you have DIY with the above steps, your automotive won’t start, give us a call now to ask about our jump start service prices

Alternatively, you can choose to contact us now, and we can send our friendly technicians to assist you for the jump start or onsite battery delivery and replacement.

A quick guide below (whether there is a battery issue):


  • Your vehicle won’t start after you’ve tried jump starting. 
  • Your vehicle takes a lot of cranking to start up.
  • Your vehicle accessories have no electric power, little brightness or dim light from your headlights, or your radio doesn’t work.
  • Your vehicle has enough power to turn on accessories, but the engine won’t crank or start up.
  • You left your headlamps, radio, or other accessories on. This has drained the battery of its charge.
  • You left the air con compressor on without starting the engine.
  • You recently installed new accessories like an in-car camera, mobile charger, or audio system.
  • After a few days of not driving your car, it cannot start. 
  • You’re unsure of what’s causing the inability to to start.

Seek Professional Advice 

Car battery issues should be handled by auto professionals. We provide 24hr emergency breakdown, battery, and on-site roadside repair service island wide in Singapore that are mechanic trained, professional, and with years of experience. We bring along the various necessary accessories and equipment to find you and also, we can activate our tow truck fleet anytime to support you..

High Quality OEM Batteries

At Singapore Towing, you can choose the high quality OEM batteries that are made in Japan, Europe, United States, maintenance-free or the cost effective compatible solution for different brands of cars like Honda, Proton, Ford, Rover, Subaru, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, etc. These products are backed by warranties to provide you with peace of mind. When in doubt, our experienced team can always share the best available options for you to judge and choose the suitable battery type. 

Besides emergencies cases of jump start, battery replacement, our company also provides various emergency services like flat tyre change, lockout, gas delivery, towing, recovery and including all commons of emergency roadside assistance services for all vehicles in Singapore. 

Give our duty experts a call today on our hotline any hour of the day.