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Smart Key Duplication & Programming in Singapore

Being locked out of your car is a common occurrence, especially with our busy lives in Singapore. Commonly, the keys are locked inside, broken, damaged, or simply lost. If you’re at home, it is likely that you will have a spare but otherwise without access to a spare key your options are limited.  

Without right skill sets or without the proper locksmith tools, attempting to open the car without the key on your own would likely result in damage to your window, door handle, lock, or it may even trigger the alarm and security system. So avoid unlocking the vehicle yourself! If you’re stuck in this situation you need a fast professional car locksmith. 

At TowingSingapore.com, we offer mobile locksmith services as part of our roadside assistance. 

All our professional technicians are also skilful automotive locksmiths and are available island wide 24 hrs. No matter where you are in Singapore we will get you into your car in under an hour (subject to traffic conditions and availability) or advise you on your best course of action. So, there is no need to worry.

We are familiar with all types of cars and brands regardless of make and model, as well as heavy and commercial vehicles such as buses, lorries, vans, and other heavy vehicles.   

Common Issues with Smart Keys & Fobs

Nowadays, cars come equipped with remote keyless entry and central locking systems. However, when it fails to respond when you press the button it can cause panic and worry. You are stranded if you can’t get into your car.

The first thing to do is to check the battery in your car key or fob. It can commonly wear out or get misaligned if you drop or throw your keys.
If that doesn’t work, try the spare if you have access to it. Sometimes it is possible that your key fob has a blown fuse or may need reprogramming. In such cases, you will need to replace, repair, or reprogram the fob.

That’s where we can help for all category types of locking systems.

Checking and diagnosing a malfunctioning fob and fixing it is not a simple task. Newer models of cars can be particularly complicated. In some makes and models of cars the security system is wired independently. This can trigger the alarm or cause a lockout that would require the use of speciality tools and control sequence to disable the security system. .

Repair or Reprogram Remote

If you break or damage your remote, the button may be dislodged or it may be unresponsive. The casing may also be cracked. In such cases, we are able to repair or replace it with a new one.

Program Transponder Key

We are able to program transponder keys to replace your original or keep as a spare. Transponder keys contain a computer chip that needs to be paired with your car. These are more complex than a traditional key, and dealerships can charge hundreds of dollars for one.

Key Extraction & Ignition Repair

If your key breaks in the lock or ignition or you find that you’re needing more and more force to turn the key, these are signs that your key or your lock may be wearing out. At TowingSingapore.com we can extract your broken key from the ignition or lock without further damage. We are also able to change or repair the part if required, without you having to switch your keys and locks.

Help is one phone call away

In modern Singapore, help is just a phone call away. You can send your key to our stated address or get at our authorised locksmith to help you to open the car door. And for a complicated lock system, sending your car to the workshop to get a mechanic to unlock your doors may be required for some cars’ make. We can also provide new installation, replacement or upgrading of the locking system if required. In any case, don’t attempt to break the car window. Do not panic. Contact our friendly concierge support for free advice and a reasonable no-obligation quote.

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