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Singapore’s #1 Choice for Basic Roadside Assistance

TowingSingapore.com is your best choice for Basic Roadside Assistance from Breakdowns, Flat Tyres, to Accident Recovery for both day or night.

We provide roadside assistance, emergency locksmith, tyre and puncture repair, and towing services with no membership fee requirements. You can save hundreds of dollars annually on reducing or just avoiding costly membership programs . When out of the OEM warranty terms or WCM period, always feel free to enquire at our contact form or alternatively, you can email directly to enquiry@towingsingagpore.com

Basic Roadside Assistance

Depending on your circumstances, rates will vary depending on the services required. Please call us for a no obligation diagnosis and a quote. When an onsite support is needed, we arrange and send our express recovery team to your location, fast. Depending on traffic and weather conditions, we will keep you updated on the ETA should it be longer than default one hour or agreed timing. 

Battery Jump Start Service

When your car won’t start the most common issue is battery failure; very commonly a Jump Start will solve your issue and get you moving again. That’s where our qualified operations team come in to jump start your dead car battery and perform an onload or offload battery voltage test using our mini portable meter to verify the charge status. We carry commercial jumper cables to jump start a dead car battery. We guarantee a 100% success rate when the car battery is the root cause of not starting.

Emergency Locksmith / Car Unlock Service

If you’re locked out and you need to gain access to your car, call us! We unlock cars, trucks, buses, lorries, vans, and heavy vehicles. We’re certified roadside locksmith professionals and use only industry approved car locksmith techniques to unlock your car. These are very specific to your vehicle model and type. Of course, for the purpose of security, have your identity card, ownership or registration details ready for verification. If you ever lock your keys inside of the car and can’t find your spare, contact us for an affordable local locksmith service.

Flat Tyre or Tyre Puncture

Tyres are wear and items. If you’ve experienced a tyre blow out or a tyre puncture and need to put on your car’s spare tyre, our technicians can install your car’s spare tyre to your flat. In addition, the spare tyre will need to be inflated according to your manufacturer’s specification. We follow certain procedures when installing a spare tyre to ensure that your drive is safe and the tyre is secure. In the event when you need to replace a tyre with a spare, we recommend to change it properly. A spare that is not fitted properly is a danger to you and everyone else around your car. To get an estimated cost, phone our specialists now.

Flat Tyre Refill Air

If your tyres aren’t blown or punctured, and you would like to get your car’s flat tyre inflated give us a call. We will get you back on the road. Our expert technicians can inflate your car’s tyre to the manufacturers recommended PSI to ensure a safe driving experience on site. Driving on under inflated tyres can result in tyres overheating, unnecessary wear, tread separation, and even blowouts. Don’t put your life and your treasured vehicle at risk, for the peace of mind give our specialist a call now.

Battery Delivery & Installation

If the battery is aged and needs replacement, you need to choose a quality standard battery that meets the manufacturer’s specification. A poor quality battery can result in a shorter battery life that costs you more in the long run. In normal operating mode, original car batteries last around two years. If you ever find yourself with battery health and charge level issues, contact us. Our mobile support specialist will find the battery model code to deliver and install your new car battery. All new car batteries come with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Other Road Services

At times, we can support bring of fuel (diesel, petrol, gas) to you when the zero-fuel indicator lights up. During some unforeseen circumstances or a more comprehensive diagnostics, we also organise car recovery and towing of breakdown vehicle to the workshop of your choices 24 hours daily. Even when the parking gear and hand brake are manually disengaged, all 4-wheel drive car and async model type are using wheel auto-locked standards, dollies are used to prevent any damage to the system during the towing journey. You are encouraged to remove personal belongings, cashcard, and other valuables before handing over the car.

it is an offence to hit and run. If the incident involved more than one party, and to apply insurance’s claim, the normal practise required you to take the exchange the drivers’ licence and other particulars, photos of the damages, and any suitable evidence at the scene. We can drop you at the nearest at the reporting center to the authorised workshop for you the submit the claims’ application details.

We tow all car brands (Mercedes Benz, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Volkswagen, etc) and all vehicle categories – both heavy and light transportation vehicles.
Before contacting our customer centre’s hotline for a non-obligation support and professional advice, the first immediate action is to stay safe first and then, apply good practise such as Stop and pull over to the side, Switch on Hazard lights, stop the engine, closed the door when stepping out are encouraged.

Other Emergency Services

In cases, when it involves medical treatment, an overseas registered vehicle, an immediate police report is required. In an unfortunate case, an accident is not minor and involves serious injury of driver or passengers, the vehicle may not be allowed to move until the authorised clearance is given.

Local Emergency numbers:
Traffic police : 999
Ambulance. : 995