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Our team of technicians are all experienced mechanics and well-trained professionals, each fully licensed and certified to ensure the highest quality of service.

Our fleet of trucks includes flatbeds and tow dollies that are well maintained and inspected daily (first parade task). We continually evaluate and invest in the latest machinery and tools to keep our capabilities up to date with the latest models and vehicles in a cost effective way. Hence, we can provide the best care for all customers’ vehicles while it is in our hands.

Our technicians are dedicated to providing you with professional services at affordable rates and we operate 24/7 all year round. Our technicians are available around the clock ready to assist you with any breakdown, accident towing, or recovery services anywhere in Singapore.

Accident Recovery

When involved in a minor accident, there is a good chance that your vehicle will need to be towed. Driving it after an impact may damage parts that pass a visual inspection. This is especially so if the engine of your car has been impacted directly.

In such an event, you should prioritize your health and safety then contact us immediately for the best assistance. Your incident information will be used to activate our nearest technician. Also, do take photos of the vehicles, the sites, and even the tyre track and if it involves another vehicle, do exchange drivers’ details so that you can report accordingly to facilitate your insurance claims. We tow your car to any of your preferred workshops for repair while you take a taxi to go back home, office or off to attend some important business meetings.

In an unfortunate case where there are injuries, the first priority is to get medical attention. Please call the police emergency number 999 and the ambulance response 995. Your fast action can save lives here.


Automotive Transport

Whether you’re moving an off-road vehicle, commercial vehicle, or industrial machines, TowingSingapore.com can safely meet your transport needs nationwide. This includes towing for road shows, exhibitions and any events. Equipped with the right skills, suitable devices like battery & charger packs, and well-maintained trucks, trailers towing system, our experienced auto technicians can assist you anytime.

Equipment Transport

If you have special equipment you need to have transported to any area within Singapore or even to the airport, TowingSingapore.com can ensure it is delivered safely and promptly. Our operations team can also help to arrange escort (if needed) for heavy or oversized loads

Flatbed Towing

If you’re driving a 4 wheel-drive (4WD) or All Wheel Drive (AWD) car using a normal tow truck can damage your differential gearbox. An amateur can be fast but certainly a lot more costly than a professional! It is a known fact for TowingSingapore.com, we use flatbed trucks in these cases to ensure that your vehicle is safely transported. This avoids unnecessary damages and saves your time and money.

Heavy-Duty Towing

We provide heavy-duty towing services for trucks, buses, lorries, vans, and other heavy equipment. When you face an accident or break-down, and even if it is a jump start service or tyre change, we are able to assist. Our professional technicians are trained to perform roadside recovery or accident towing for all vehicles, including Class 4 and Class 5.

Off Road Recovery

The weather can be unpredictable, especially during the monsoon seasons in Singapore. A sudden thunderstorm can turn a grassy patch into a field of mud. Parking on a patch of grass may end up getting your vehicle trapped and it is not advisable to drive in the mud. If your vehicle is unexpectedly stuck off-road, our company is able help you recover it with our power towing equipment at any hour of the day.

We provide a wide range of towing and islandwide recovery services, customers’ satisfaction on our technical expertise is almost guaranteed.

You need not be our member or an existing customer to enjoy our quality 24-hours concierge service.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer call centre, it’s free to call us for advice. Phone our hotline now.