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Providing 24/7 Towing, Recovery and Roadside Assistance

What WE Do

We are a Full Service Towing Company

We specialise in towing commercial, industrial, and personal automotive and providing roadside assistance for all vehicle types covering the whole of Singapore Island.

Road Recovery Incident

Mr Johnny Tan and Mrs ML Tan were travelling on the road from home to the airport for a business trip. Suddenly, on the way towards PIE, the engine was hauling. Johnny’s immediate response was to quickly pull his car over to the side of the road. Shut down the engine. They observed that the engine was overheated. Mrs Tan panicked, and they were stuck in the middle of a road. With a phone call to TowingSingapore, Johnny quickly provided the relevant information. The friendly concierge offered the recovery service. In less than thirty minutes, our towing driver found his way and arrived. ML and Johnny were no longer stranded and on a grab to catch their flight.

We hope that this would never happen to you. In reality, no one can totally prevent any emergency from happening. Once on the road, even the most experienced drivers can’t always avoid a collision from a dangerous one. Should an accident or something unfortunate happen to your car locally, one immediate way is to contact us for the tow truck services and roadside recovery services whether you are on a normal road, expressway or even in Sentosa island.

A few common local situations:

  • Flat Tyre (Tyre change)
  • Dead battery (jump starts or battery delivery / replacement)
  • Lockout (Keys in locked car) 
  • Engine cannot start / Overheat Engine
  • Out of gas or fuel
  • Broken Head Lamp or signal light
  • Gearbox not engaging (auto or manual)
  • Engine Oil Leak
  • Water Coolant Leak
  • Or it could be any mechanical fault caused the breakdown.

Non-Obligation Call 

Some are minor and small problems that can be easily solved while others need the qualified mechanic. When you are unsure what the exact issue is, just give us a non-obligation call today. At our centre, we may offer you free timely preliminary assessment over the phone. Should you require any onsite support, our staff shall locate the nearest tow driver and inform the expected-time-to-arrive (ETA). In many cases, our reliable expert will get to your location with a tow truck within an hour (subject to availability and traffic conditions). Armed with the portable premium tools set, you can trust us to handle most emergency roadside assistance.

Propose a Viable Plan

Whenever possible, our goal is to offer you one alternative solution to select so as to give you a peace of mind. At Towing Singapore, since our qualified professional staff have years of experience to do a quick assessment, they propose a viable plan including the alternative solutions for you to select from. Also, if the surrounding does not permit safe immediate action on the spot or more comprehensive troubleshooting is required, you can choose whether to tow your vehicle to a workshop of your choice (or authorised workshop by your insurance) or to a recommended partner nearby or within a convenient area. Based on your decision, our highly trained technicians will see to the full towing arrangements and give you a ride to the mechanic for the necessary repair work. Throughout the whole situation, there is little need to worry or panic, your case is being handled by our expert team.

Safe & Affordable Roadside Assistance

Our company aims to be a fast, safe, emergency and roadside assistance service provider at an affordable rate. We believe in building a trusted relationship with customers and high level of service quality that leads to customer satisfaction. With just one phone call away, the entire process is managed by us to keep any stressful situations as pleasant as possible. Serving you with high quality service and safety standards is our top priority.

Suitable Towing Solutions

Our fleet of towing trucks are kept in operational condition and well-maintained with the necessary tools, equipment and our available technicians are armed with the latest knowledge to find the best solutions. Our fleet are specialised in towing commercial, industrial and personal owned automotive.

We can transport or tow

  • the different car types (premier, luxury, flatbed sports, European, Japanese, inter-continental)
  • an off-road tracked vehicle (excavator, forklifts, crane, bulldozer)
  • medium vehicles (13 seaters, Maxi-cab, Van)
  • heavy trucks (3 ton, 4 ton, etc),
  • buses (30-seater, 45-seaters, long vehicles, double-decker)
  • and all transportation vehicle types

for all areas and locations in Singapore. This includes open air car park or road, highway, multi-storey, underground or basement carpark, and off-roads (in drains).

24 hours Operations

We operate 7 days a week and 24 hours each day. All our duty personnel are ready to serve you anytime. You are welcome to give us a call at our hotline now.

For non-emergency, you can also email us at