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Car Battery Replacement Services

Get the Right Battery at the Right Price

Why wait until your car won’t start to get a new battery? If it’s been a while ago since you last replaced your car battery you should probably consider before you start to encounter problems.

There are signs that your vehicle’s battery is weak and needs replacing. A simple battery test can check the voltage of your battery. As the car owner or driver, you can look out for warning signs.

  • Your engine cranks, but your car doesn’t start.
  • Your engine doesn’t crank or start.
  • The lights don’t work.
  • You’ve tried jump starting it already.

At we provide mobile car battery replacement, tyre change, and vehicle recovery as part of our roadside assistance services. If you are ever stuck with a dead battery or need a jumpstart to get your vehicle on the road, call us at [91234567]. Our trained technicians will come to your breakdown location with the necessary rescue equipment and expertise to assist.
We operate island-wide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So call us if you ever need a battery change, jump start, or just can’t figure out why your car won’t start.

Our highly efficient technicians will do a full battery delivery plus installation onsite at your location in an hour (subject to traffic and availability). We are able to cater to a complete range of vehicles from passenger cars to commercial vans, lorries and heavy vehicles.


What is the Car Battery Used For?

The battery is used to start the car and power its electrical systems. It is also charged when the engine is running.

When you turn the ignition key, the battery sends a voltage to the starter motor to give it power to start your engine.

When you turn on the power but don’t crank the engine, the battery still delivers a charge to your electrical components like your lights, radio, and in-car-entertainment system. Leaving it in this state can drain your battery so do it sparingly!

There are also auto accessories like alarms and cameras that connect directly to the battery even when the power is switched off. These constantly drain power from the battery, but there is usually a fail-safe to keep the voltage above the recommended level. This ensures that it can always ignite the engine.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

Most batteries have a maximum lifespan of three years in Singapore. This is due to the warmer and more humid weather. However, this also depends on how often you drive your car as well as where you park. For example, in open air carparks your car is constantly under the weather and more subject to heat and humidity which will further shorten the lifespan of the battery.

Are All Car Batteries the Same?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to batteries. You should always use a battery that is suitable for your vehicle. When considering a new battery, you need to take into account the electrical specifications, the manufacture date, the size and dimensions, and the warranty of the battery and the skill of the mechanic installing it for you.

Installing a poor quality battery or the wrong type of battery can have an adverse effect on your car’s electrical systems, performance, and battery life. You wouldn’t want your electrical system or electronics like your alarm, radio, or in-car camera to fail or worse, get shorted out. So don’t cheap out here, going for a quality battery can save you money on your repair budget in the long run. Always check with automotive battery specialist before changing the flat battery.

Car Battery Replacement Services

When you are not sure of which battery to replace, our professional mechanics offer recommendations based on car brand and make and also, your operating needs (whether OEM brand, Amaron, or other maintenance-free battery technology products). Without sending your vehicle to the workshop, we provide mobile car battery replacement as part of our roadside assistance services. If you are ever stuck with a dead battery or need a jumpstart to get your vehicle on the road, we send our fast reliable response team to you. In case of emergency, contact our friendly customer service at hotline.