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The car battery is the auto part that most commonly requires replacement. In cases of battery failure, your car will not start. In cases like this, you will be left stranded at the carpark.

The battery’s quality affects its lifespan as well as other factors like the climate, weather and operating conditions. In Singapore, where temperatures are higher and the climate is humid there are more active chemical reactions within the battery. Parking under shelter or in an indoor carpark leads to a longer lasting cell life. Otherwise, for a vehicle that is driven daily in Singapore you can expect the battery to fail around two years of use.

In other cases, you may discover that when your car has been left idle for a long period, such as when you return from a long vacation, suddenly, the engine won’t ignite. This is because batteries will discharge slowly when not in use. This discharge causes residue memory that can shorten its lifespan. It is highly recommended unplugging the negative terminal or asking a friend or family member to warm up your engine every few days to prevent this from happening. This will also help in prolonging lifespan.

Quick Check if it is a Battery Failure

The car battery is the auto part that most commonly requires replacement. In cases of battery failure, your car will not start. In cases like this, you will be left stranded at the carpark.

Before you call for a battery replacement, try asking yourself these questions:

  • Does the engine crank or start?
  • Does the engine crank but the car doesn’t start?
  • Are the headlamps or signal lights working?
  • Are the electronic (computer) systems or security cameras operational?
  • Are the audio or video systems functioning?
  • Have you tried jump-starting?

If your diesel or petrol engine car shows the above symptoms, the battery charge is completely worn out and a replacement is necessary.

DIY Battery Replacement Steps

Here’s the suggested process to DIY (do-it-yourself) of replacing battery sets:

  1. Refer to the owner’s manual.
  2. Source the suitable replacement type.
  3. Ensure that new car battery is fully charged prior to installation
    (The charger system is not designed for charging up a new drained one)
  4. Open the hood.
  5. Removing the existing battery
    1. Disconnect the negative cable first, then the positive cable
    2. Remove the battery clamp
    3. Remove the old flat battery
      ** If you are using a lead acid accumulator, the electrolyte causes corrosive acid. Wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and raise up the battery upright when removing to avoid any acid from spilling.
  6. Apply grease under the clamps for corrosion prevention.
  7. Install the New Cell.
    1. Clean the cables and connectors.
    2. Place and secure it in the tray
    3. Reconnect the electrical wires safely in the right sequence according to the owner’s manual.
  8. Lastly, close the hood and simply turn your key to ignite the engine.

Refrain from doing the replacement yourself, if you find that the technicality or amount of repair work is too much for you.
For your own safety, a simple and fast way is to activate our emergency battery service team. Our technicians are on standby 24 hours, 7 days a week and are available at a moment’s notice.

24 x 7 Roadside Assistance Service

There are many different types of automotive batteries and you should select the one that is most suited for your car. Apart from their brand, batteries are usually categorized by physical dimensions, material, power rating, ampere hours, cold-cranking amps, reserve capacity and warranty.

Our roadside assistance technicians are all mechanic trained, experience and knowledgeable to quickly assess your vehicle’s battery type and always provide you with the best option. Upon your confirmation, with the necessary accessories (and testers), they can usually fix your vehicle on-site within minutes.

During emergencies, when you need the fastest response time, call our hotline now to order a new battery delivered and parts replaced.

Our technician will do a full mobile battery delivery service and installation services directly at your vehicle’s location in an hour (ETA is subjected to traffic conditions). We supply a variety of batteries for different vehicles, from passenger cars to commercial and heavy vehicles.

Our island-wide services in Singapore also covers offsite replacement for different hybrid and electric cars. Other than providing mobile car battery replacement service, we also provide tyre change (your car needs to have spare tyre) and towing for breakdown vehicles to workshop for repair at an affordable price.

Free Quote & Professional Advice

Give us a call for a free quotation and professional advice or just to activate our rescue team to go to your location and assist you onsite. Whether in a multi-story or basement carpark, at home or on the road, we can get you moving safely both at night or during the day.

Final tip, you can save our hotline in your mobile phone and contact us in case of an emergency or whenever you need to.